22cans Curiosity Update: In-App purchases are now Live

curiosity cube 22cansWe’re back with another update on 22cans mysterious Android game Curiosity. Unlike our previous Curiosity updates this one is full of new features and the in-app purchases have officially gone live.curiosity cube decmber 10 It’s been a few weeks since we checked in on the Cube and quite a bit has happened in that time. Much to my surprise 22cans has finally unlocked the in-app purchases, and the game seems to be running at full speed now. The first new thing I noticed were beams of light protruding from various spots on the cube; pretty cool and very unexpected. The second big thing I noticed was the fact that Curiosity is truly “live” now as I could see blocks vanishing quickly in real-time all around me. This was something that was happening before, but not at “full speed” like it is now.curiosity badger As for the new additions Draw, Badger, Golden Badger, Statistics Plus, and Bundles are now live. Draw lets you actually draw lines across the cubes with your finger which is great if you quickly want to write a message on the cube. Badgers knock out blocks by bouncing around inside a chipped away area of the cube, and Golden Badgers are “hidden” on each layer of the cube, and give you a lot more coins. They’re like a super-powered Badger and there are 1,000 of them hidden on each level. Last but not least we have “Statistics Plus” which is a souped up version of the stats. They cost a buck to unlock, but I bit the bullet so here are a few interesting ones…

  • Around 8.2 billion cubes have been destroyed
  • 1.2 cubelets per day destroyed by the average user
  • Little over 3 million total users
  • Between 5,000-12,000 users online at any given time
  • Roughly 8 hours to destroy a layer

Curiosity stats december The Cube known as Curiosity has certainly changed since my last visit, and things are definitely picking in the game. Do I think we’re any closer to the center… not really. I do like the new in-app purchases however as it gives you a bit more to work with. Getting stats for a buck is kind of a rip-off though; sure they give you detailed info but I don’t see many people spending money to see it. That’s it for now, but we’ll check back in on the cube in a few weeks to see where things are. If you’re curious about the Cube you can pick up 22cans Curiosity on Google Play for free.

22cans Curiosity

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