2K Games releases an NBA2K13 companion app in MyNBA2K for Android

If you’re a basketball fan there’s a good chance you’ve already played the greatness known as NBA2k13. 2K Games released MYNBA2K last week, and it’s a companion app you’ll definitely want to snag if you’re into NBA2k13. The MyNBA2K app works alongside the console version of NBA2K13 as a way to extend gameplay and offer up some bonuses that can boost your attributes and give you new swag. The My Career section of the app has several mini-games to play including autograph signing, bowling, free throw practice, team defense, shootaround, trick shot, history of the game, film study, and dribble course. The mini-games are pretty self-explanatory and quite a bit of fun although a couple were rough around the edges and could use a little work.  Each mini-game pays out Virtual Currency or rewards that can be used in-game on the console version of NBA2K13. You have to log in with your account to collect them; you can access almost everything as a guest, but can’t get rewards that way. There are a few other sections of the app that can’t be accessed without an account including the Team Loyalty and my Team Sections. The MyNBA2K app is pretty cool and a nice way to give back to NBA2K13 fans. There are more “companion apps” coming out alongside console games these days, and I for one think the gaming worlds a better place for it. Yes, there are some areas of the 2K app that could stand a little tightening up, but overall it’s a great way to stay in the game and earn a few rewards while you’re on the go and away from your gaming console. If you own NBA2K13 it’s an app you’ll definitely want to snag, and you can get it for free on Google Play.

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