5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 to be unveiled at IFA 2013 in Germany, “industry officials” claim

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2

A South Korean report reveals where the Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled and mentions the size of the display, apparently confirming some of the previous rumors on the matter.

In an article speculating on a potential Samsung vs Apple “phablet” war, The Korea Herald says that according to “industry officials,” the Galaxy Note 3 will be announced at IFA 2013 in Germany and will feature a 5.7-inch display.

While reports so far pointed to an IFA 2013 announcement for the handset – that’s where the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2 were also launched – when it comes to screen size, most rumors say the handset will offer a large 5.99-inch display, but some think the handset will pack a 5.7-inch panel.

The previous Galaxy Note generations had 5.3-inch and 5.5-inch displays (Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, respectively), so jumping to 5.7-inch for the next version makes some sense, assuming that Samsung wants to keep adding 0.2 inches to the display of the new Note model.

However, the publication doesn’t mention more details about the handset, nor does it reveal who those industry sources are.

What the Herald does say is that Samsung has an advantage over Apple in the even the latter would launch its own extra large iPhone next year, as rumored, since Samsung has been building various such devices so far.

Galaxy Note 3 concept

Galaxy Note 3 concept

Increased Internet speeds provided by LTE-Advanced support in upcoming devices seems to be a factor that would motivate manufacturers, Samsung and Apple included, to create bigger smartphones. Here’s what one of those official apparently had to say about it:

“The revolutionizing LTE-A technology, which allows the users to search and download at up to 150 Mbps right in the palm of their hands, is expected to encourage more companies to explore a variety of ways to commercialize larger handheld devices from now on,” an industry official said. […]

“Slower mobile connection speeds back then [when the original Galaxy Note was launched] not only prevented the smartphone users from doing more on their devices but also held back the handheld makers from diversifying their products with different sizes,” the official said.

“The concept of the phablet can now be truly realized with the introduction of the LTE-A network and the apparent eagerness of handheld makers to answer the growing global demand for larger and more innovative mobile devices.”

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