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5 Cool Live Wallpapers for Android

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Live Wallpapers are one thing I love showing off to my friends with iPhone’s and I’m probably not alone in that. There are hundreds of Live Wallpapers out there for Android, and with that in mind we decided to make a short list with a few of our most recent favorites…

1. Paperland LWP

Joko Interactive has put out some of the slickest Live Wallpapers you’re likely to see and The Paperland Live Wallpaper is one of my personal favorites. There are around 11 different “themes” you can choose from which range from Sunset and Tundra to the Beach and the Desert. You can add & remove objects from scenes, and change around several other different settings as well. There is a free version of the Paperland LWP you can try with 4 different themes while the full version gives you everything for only a buck. If you’re looking for a Live Wallpaper that’s cool but a little different Paperland is a place you’ll definitely want to visit.  

2. Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

The Sun Rise Live Wallpaper from Teragon is one of the more docile Live Wallpapers on the list, but it looks great nonetheless. You get a great looking sunset on your mobile device complete with moving birds, clouds, and rainbows. The free version gives you everything, but you can’t dabble in the settings. The full version however lets you controls the birds, clouds, and even the rainbow as you can set it to appear whenever you get an SMS. If you dig the free version the full version is well worth the $0.99 price tag.


3. Power of Life is one of the premier Live Wallpaper makers around, and their most recent Live Wallpaper is called the Power of Life. This is one of those Live Wallpapers that’s hard to describe so just take my word for it that it looks great and has a slew of cool options to choose from. There is no free version of this one to try, but if you’ve enjoyed any of Maxelus’s other Live Wallpapers you’ll dig this one and you can get it for $1.49 on Google Play.

4. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar

Jelly Beans are known around the world for their colorful flavors and tastiness. If you’re a fan of the sweet treat you can now enjoy watching Jelly Belly’s right from your phone. The Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar Live Wallpaper gives you scores of Jelly Beans on your homescreen, and you can even pick only the ones you like to eat. The flavor selection is nuts as you can choose from over 50 different Jelly Beans, and can even flick them around the screen once your selection is set. This is a must-have LWP if you enjoy Jelly Bellies, and you can get it for free on Google Play.

5. The Avengers LWP

Cellfish Studios has put out a few cool Live Wallpaper’s this year, and while they did two superhero themed one’s we’re going with the Avengers because it was a much better movie than Spider-Man. The Avengers Live Wallpaper looks great and gives you all the avengers along with some other cool features, but  the rub is that you only get 2 characters for free. If you want to unlock all the Avengers, the clock, ringtone, and soundboard it’ll cost you $2.99. If you want just the Avengers and nothing else you can get them for a buck. You can download the Wallpaper for free, and the add-ons can be accessed via the in-app purchasing setup.