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Any laptop, smartphone or tablet is practically of no use without the apps. Apps have become the lifeline of gadgets; one cannot simply function without the multiple apps that are used for everything from as simple as playing games, using social media sites, looking for restaurants, theatres and shops nearby, to a necessity as banking, to as complex as tracking someone’s location. Without the apps, smartphones are mere phones that can be used to talk and send messages like the old times.

Apps are developed for either specific platform such as Android, ios, Microsoft, etc. or they are compatible with all the platforms simultaneously.

App developers know the importance of marketing the apps that they have developed as they know any app that people know nothing of, is a waste.

With the boom in the apps developing market, everyday hundreds of apps are being launched that have similar functionality and features and it gets difficult for the users to decide on the best app they should install and use. This paves way for a platform where users can review and rate the apps and help other users to choose the best out of the many apps.

Here, we have compiled a list of 5 cool sites where you can find App reviews to help you save time and effort in selecting the best app for your use.

  1. Androinica

Androinica is just not a review site; it is an Android world by itself. Apart from the reviews of the Android apps, it gives regular updates and news on what’s new in the market and what the users are up to. Users get regular updates on the Android accessories and also benefit from various tips and hacks that are provided on the site.

  1. Spy Aware

Spy Aware helps in monitoring the apps on your phone and tells you what your apps are up to when idle and where the data is being sent to from your phone and which appis the culprit. It helps to spy on the apps that are spying on you.

  1. Android Tapp

One of the best Android app review website used by people globally due to the precise and to the point reviews on the various apps, it helps app developers from worldwide to launch their apps here and get their apps recognition on a single platform. It is one of the most recommended websites for the reviews on Android based apps.

  1. What’s on iPhone?

What’s on iPhone has an amalgamation of experts, professionals, homemakers and artists that contribute in reviewing the various iPhone apps. The reviews are precise and offer minute details of the various apps.

  1. iPhone App Review

The iPhone App Review is a great platform to find reviews of the iPhone apps and rate the various apps by the users. The developers use the platform to launch and market their apps. Also, you can find promo codes to avail certain apps free of cost.

Apps are everywhere in the mobile phone world and we can do almost nothing without these apps. With ever-increasing number in the apps, it becomes important to read the reviews and decide on the best app that suits your purpose. The above mentioned websites will save you time and make your work easier.

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