5 Great Android Apps for Tennessee Vols Fans

tennessee vols android apps

If you’re a fan of the Tennessee Vols you already know about the Jon Gruden rumors and how hard they are to keep track of… it’s fun but a little nuts. Keeping track of all the new information can be a real pain at times, luckily for you we’ve put together a list Android Apps that let you show a little love for the Big Orange and keep you up to date on all the Grumors floating around.

1. The Spots Animal WNML

Whether you love sports radio or hate it, it’s definitely entertaining and it can even be informative at times. If you’re a Vol fan you probably tune in to The Animal, and The Sports Animal WNML Android App will let you listen to Vol news until your ears bleed. It’s a simple app that’s easy to use and it’s free to download on Google Play.

2. Vol Talk News

As a fan I frequent quite a few message boards, and while the cupboard is bare as far as forum apps are concerned one site did get an official app out. The Vol Talk News app lets you checkout articles from the site and gives you access to tweets, youtube videos, audio, and news. There are a few areas that could be improved, but it’s still a great app to have on hand if you frequent Voltalk.

3. Tennessee Vols Wallpapers

If you sing Rocky Top in your sleep, chances are you’ve got a UT wallpaper on your phone. If you don’t One Appz Tennessee Vols Wallpaper App has you covered with it’s collection of HD wallpapers. There aren’t that many too choose from and I didn’t seen any Gruden related wallpapers (for shame!), but the 10 they do have look great on my Galaxy S3. The Tennessee Vols Wallpaper App is free to download on Google Play.

4. Tennessee Vols Clock Widget

Like Widgets? If so we’ve got just the thing for you with Smartphone Technologies Tennessee Vols Clock Widget.  The widget comes with 3 different layouts including a cool looking scoreboard clock, and it’s a great way to replace the old standard clock on your phone. If you want to give it a go you can pick up the Tennessee Vols Clock Widget for $1.99 on Google Play.

5. Summittisms

Vol apps are a bit slim, but we did manage to find an app for good old Pat with the Summittisms app. The Summittisms app isn’t the prettiest, and it’s not packed full of informative info, but it will give you some great quotes from one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time.

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