Casual games cover a lot of ground in the Android marketplace, and there are more games added to the genre daily. Whether you’re flinging a bird at pigs or burning a rope, there is honestly a game out there for everyone. It was a massive undertaking, but we dug through the market to bring you 5 of the best new Casual Android games around. Without further ado, Android Apps proudly presents you with 5 of our favorite New Casual Games for Android…

1. Float

Float lets you play around with balloons, and it will make you feel happy while doing it. That’s what the market description implies, and I’m apt to agree with it. Float’s a new casual game from Crawl Space Games makers of another fun game called Globs which we mentioned a few weeks ago. In Float you’ll try and keep the balloons in the air for as long as possible while avoiding spikes and going for the high score. It’s got several different modes of play to choose from, so rest assured the gameplay will not get stale with Float. If you’ve ever sat in the living room, and bounced balloons back and forth (who hasn’t) this is the game for you. It’s great casual fun, and it’s available in free and paid versions in the Android market.

2. Juggle!

If Tron liked to play Pong, it would look something like Juggle! The game was published by Jakyl and developed by Denki who intended for Juggle! to have a retro vibe, and they certainly succeeded on all fronts. The point of the game is to simply keep the balls in the air using your paddle, but it’s definitely not as easy as it seems. The graphics are great, and the soundtrack fits the game perfectly. Anyone can pick up this game and start playing it immediately, and it’s definitely a new game worth checking out. I was already a fan of Jakyl’s games, and just added another to my favorites list with Juggle! There are free and paid versions of Juggle! available to download in the market.

3. Joining Hands

Joining Hands is a new puzzle game from 10tons that has a unique style all its own. Your job is to connect the Peablins and their kin, by simply holding hands. The problem is that some Peablins aren’t that flexible while others just like to be by themselves. You’ll have to sort it all out, and keep them safe from the Bogeyman in the process. The graphics are cute, and Joining Hands is a game that anyone in the family can pick up and play. It may technically be a puzzle game, but don’t be mistaken as it’s the most casual puzzle game you’re likely to play. There aren’t any timers or danger; you just need to make sure the Peablins are Joining Hands. It’s a great game and you can read our full review here, or go straight to the market and pick it up for $3.36.

4. Color Link Lite

Like connect 4 games? Well, Color Link is a new connect 4 game with a twist from Sillycube. That twist is the fact that while you’re still matching colors, you’re moving the blocks into place by matching shapes. You can click on any two blocks that have the same shape, and switch them out to get the colored blocks side by side. There are also 5 different modes of play with Bone, Time, Bomb, Collect, and Endless modes. Bomb mode is my favorite so far with Time mode coming in a close 2nd. You can pick up Color Link’s limited light version for free or the full version for $1.49.

5. Space Cat 3D

Space Cat 3D is a new game from The Pill Tree makers of the popular game Chalk Ball. Space Cat 3D puts you in the role of a cat that is piloting a spaceship. Your job is to catch the floating mice while avoiding lasers, and dodging any obstacles that come your way. There are quite a few themes included with the game along with 5 different spaceships. You’ll also have your “pick of the litter” (couldn’t help that) with over 10 different kitties to choose from. Space Cat 3D is free to download from the Android market.

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