5 New Physics-Based Android Games you Should be Playing

There is no shortage of physics-based Android games, and it seemed like that genre was far and away the most popular one last year. Things didn’t slow down in 2012 either as we’ve had some excellent physics-based titles in just a few short months. That being said, we thought it was time to highlight some of the best physics-based games to come out so far this year and after some thought we came up with 5 great ones. Without further ado, here are 5 New Physics-Based Android Games you should be playing…

1. Tongue Tied!

Having two dogs tied together at the tongue isn’t the most conventional idea for an Android game, but it sure is a fun one. That’s the premise behind Mojo Bone’s Tongue Tied! and one reason why the game is physics fun at its finest. The gameplay is great, but the graphics really grabbed my attention as they’ve got a nice classic animated style. Tongue Tied! has achievements, challenges, and 60 levels of slapstick fun that’s sure to keep you busy for awhile. There is no free version at this time, but the full version is a deal at only $1.99.

2. Saving Yello

We’ve flung birds, worms, and about everything else under the sun and in Saving Yello you’ll get to fling a fish. Your job is to save the helpless Yello by flinging the little goldfish through 50 levels and back into his bowl, but it’s quite the challenge as you’ll quickly find out. The production values are high in this one, and overall everything is top-notch. The game is listed as free, but you only get 10 levels before you’re prompted to buy the rest of the game for $0.99 cents. You can find Dreamfab’s Saving Yello in the Android market.

3. Ceramic Destroyer

Runner games dropped a great little physics game called Ceramic Destroyer a little while back, well technically it’s not little as it’s amassed a whopping 1-5 million downloads in its brief time in the market. Ceramic Destroyer lets you take control of a slingshot along with an arsenal of spiky bombs as you try and destroy 120 different ceramics. Different bombs have different effects and you’ll need to clear a certain amount of each ceramic before moving on. Ceramic Destroyer is great fun and a highly addictive game. You can pick up Runner Games Ceramic Destroyer in the Android market for free.

4. Meowch!

If you’ve ever felt like flinging a cat, you can now do so from the comfort of your home and without PETA on your ass with in a new game called Meowch! from Nah-Meen Studios. All kidding aside (we’d never hurt a cat), Meowch! is tons of fun as you quickly find out when you send your first kitty flying from one satellite dish to the next. You’ll have to be wary of Cat Ladies and electric lines as these cats don’t have 9-lives and don’t always land on their feet. If you feel like flinging a few kitteh’s around try out the free version of Meowch! or pick up the full version for $0.99 cents.

5. A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home is not your “typical” physics game as you’re not going to be flinging anything at all. Instead you’re a lonely astronaut that’s been stranded in space, and you’re only hope to get home is by jumping from asteroid to asteroid. Physics are definitely involved because jumping in zero gravity can be pretty tricky to say the least. The gameplay is solid, but the atmosphere of the game is what drew me in and kept me coming back. It’s a great indie game and while there isn’t a free version the full version gives you 100 levels for only $0.99 cents. You can pick up Jonathan Mulcahy’s A Long Way Home in the Android market.

An honorable mention goes out to a new game called Elastic World from Monkey I.Brow Studios. It just came out so I didn’t get a chance to play it, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so far.

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