5 New Puzzle Games for Android

There are many different genres of games available in the Android market, and Puzzle games are one of the most popular. Whether you’re twisting blocks, stacking things, or matching colors; there is a puzzle game out there for everybody. There have been a lot of new puzzle games come out lately, and we thought we would showcase 5 new Puzzle games that are a bit different from the old ones. Here are 5 new Puzzle games we thought stood out from the rest…

Battle Harvest

Battle Harvest: Bad Apples lets you match-up funny looking fruits using a “connect 3” style of play. This game has a funny storyline that puts you in the role of Squire Mac who’s trying to keep his people turning from turning into the rotlings. There are 3 different modes of play in Battle Harvest so it will be able to keep you busy for a while. The graphics really stood out to me as the fruits have some great expressions; the game itself has a very polished feel throughout. You can get Battle Harvest for free in the Android Market.


Globs was a hit online, and now it’s available for Android. You start out with a board full of colored circles and match the colored ones up to form Globs. The globs get bigger as you absorb more colors, and you’ll earn more points for clearing the level in the least amount of moves. There are two modes of play, with different sized game boards. You’ll start with a 6×6 level, and work your way up to the large 14×14 board. Globs is very easy to play, and you can pick it up for .99 cents in the market.

Square Wars

Square Wars is a new game from Mama Dodo that puts a Star Wars twist on the classic dots & boxes game. A simple game, you just need to hit a line to connect two dots, and make them yours. When you complete a square you get a point; when all the dots have been connected the player with the most squares/points wins. Square Wars is a fun little game that you can get it for free in the Android market.


Pyramix is a puzzling new word game from HD Interactive. It’s kind of a cross between Boggle and Cryptoquote, but has a unique style all its own. The background gives it a bit of an old-world feel, and the gameplay can be quite addictive. You can play Pyramix with or without a timer; it also keeps track or your stats and scores as you play the game. Pyramix is free to download in the Android market.


SWhich? Is a new puzzler that uses switches and colored lights. You’ll use the switches to turn the lights on and off, and certain switches will affect the bulbs differently. Your goal is to light the correct amount of colored lights, using the least amount of moves. SWhich? Has three different modes of play, and over 360 unique levels. It’s definitely not your typical puzzler, but it is a lot of fun. You can get SWhich? for free in the market.

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