5 New Quick Play Games for Android

Sometimes you don’t have time to sit down and dig into an immersive game, that’s where quick play games come in handy. With that in mind we’ve come up with a quick list of 5 New Quick Play games that you’ll be sure to enjoy…

1. Canabalt HD

There’s a lot I could say about this little running game, and I’m going to start out by just saying WOW. If you want an intense experience set in a dreary world full of obstacles, look no further than Canabalt HD. It’s one of the toughest running game’s I’ve played, but it’s also one of the funnest and great if you want a quick bit of fun on a slow day. You can pick up Canabalt HD for $2.99 on Google Play.

2. 8-bit Ninja

No good quick play game list is complete without a Ninja game as Ninjas are known to be pretty damned quick themselves. 8bit Ninja is an intense quick play game that has you dodging fruit to stay alive while you collect coins and level up your lil’ Ninja. There’s actually quite a bit of depth in this one, and they’ve already updated it with new content (nice job guys) even though it’s been out less than a month. If you want to get your Ninja on, you can pick up DogByte Games 8bit Ninja for free.

3. Presidents Run

Presidents Run is a game of Presidential candidates where’ you’ll pick your favorite presidential hopeful and make a run for the presidency along the campaign trail. Not only do you get to “run” with your favorite candidates, but you can also go old school with a couple of presidential All-Stars with Zombie Washington and Franken Lincoln. It’s a cool little game, and appropriately timed considering the looming upcoming elections. You can check out Presidents Run for free on Google Play.

4. Pix’n Love Rush

Pix’n Love Rush is a retro quick play game that throws you back to the good old days of the 80s with its pixely colorful graphics. It’s a collection of mini-games that puts your reflexes to the test, and may cause you to pull a few finger muscles in the process. It’s one of the coolest retro games we’ve seen in awhile, and it’s great for a quick play if you’re on the go. No free version of this one’s available, but you can get the full version of Pix’n Love Rush for $1.99.

5. ActionPotato

This one isn’t new at all, but deserves a spot on the list as ActionPotato is one of those games that sneaks up on you with its simplistic brand of fun, and keeps you coming back for more. You simply need to catch potatoes in pots which is surprisingly fun and super addictive. There are no levels, time limits or anything else really, you just need to catch the good ones and steer clear of the rotten taters. It’s good for some quick fun, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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