5 of the Best Shopping Apps for Android

shopping.appsShopping online has become the way to go these days, and shopping from your Android phone or tablet is about as simple as it gets. Our list of the Best Shopping Apps gives you 5 Free Android Apps that can make your life much easier by letting you browse, buy, and save money while you’re on the go.

1. Amazon Mobileamazon.app

Amazon is as great place to buy electronics, and there are thousands of digital goods to browse through. They also sell everything under the sun from laundry detergent to fish tanks and furniture. You’ll also get access to Gold Box Deals, and can use the barcode scanner to compare prices while you’re on the go. The Amazon Mobile App lets you access it all, and it’s by far one of the best shopping apps around. Amazon Mobile and Amazon Mobile for Tablets are both free to download on Google Play.

2. eBayebay.app

Amazon may have a ton of new merchandise, but they can’t hold a candle to eBay when it comes to variety. eBay is the place where you can find almost anything, and the official eBay app lets you browse, bid, and shop ‘til you drop. The app is constantly updated with new features, and it’s the only app you’ll ever need if you want to shop on eBay. You can download the official eBay app for free on Google Play.

3. RetailMeNot Couponsretailmenot

If you’re a coupon clipper that wants to leave a pocketful of paper behind then you’ll want to check out RatailMeNot Coupons. This handy little app lets you save while you’re on the go with offering up hundreds of thousands of coupons from all the best stores. You can redeem in-store coupons directly from your favorite Android device, save them or even share deals with friends. It will definitely save you some money, and it’s a sure-fire lock for any list of the best shopping apps. RetailMeNot Coupons is free to download on Google Play, and we highly advise you to check it out.

4. RedLaser Barcode & QR Scannerredlaser

This one was tough as there are several great Barcode scanners out there, but RedLaser is a favorite of ours and has been one of the most consistent one’s we’ve tried. RedLaser lets you scan products to find the best deals around, and it will even let you buy products straight from select retailers. You can create shopping lists, get product reviews, and even make your own personalized QR code. It will scan and read almost anything you throw at it, and it’s free to download on Google Play.

5. CLapp – Craigslist for Androidclapp.android

If you still want to wheel and deal online, but like to keep things local then Craigslist is the thing for you. Browsing the site can be a pain, but CLapp from Trixiesoft makes things easy with it’s simple to use interface. The app won’t let you post, but you can search the site easily to find deals locally or abroad. If you’re looking for a great way to browse Craigslist for deals, CLapp is the way to go and it’s free to download.

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