5 Presents Guaranteed To Impress The Techie On Your List

With a list as long as Santa’s, we’re willing to bet you’re shopping for at least one techie this holiday. It doesn’t matter if they’re an Apple addict always upgrading to the latest generation or a gadget-obsessed shopper looking out for the next smart gizmo, there’s something for everyone on this list. Take a look at this guide for inspiration and cross off your beloved techie with confidence this year.

1. A Personal Assistant

Deep down, they probably wish they were Infinity War’s Iron Man just so they could have all the perks that come with his identity. In addition to a stupid amount of money, his sentient computer system, JARVIS, would be a huge perk to being this particular superhero. While we’re a ways off from JARVIS, the scientists in our reality are working on an adaptive A.I. that works as our digital personal assistants.

News of Facebook’s experiments with talking bots is just one step closer to a future where this exists. We already have it with the Alexa-enabled Amazon Home, Siri’s HomePod, and the Google Assistant at work behind Google Home. These smart devices synch up with other gadgets and help us complete everyday tasks. They’re a bit of a splurge considering the processing power behind each of these assistants, but you could be their favorite person if you leave one under the tree.

2. Chromecast

It’s hard not to be a media junkie in addition to a tech enthusiast. If your gadget aficionado is constantly updating you on the latest show — giving you a play-by-play of the Defenders’ fight scenes or the outstanding cast of The Sisters Brothers — it’s time you clue in and get them Chromecast.

It’s a small dongle that packs a punch, transforming any smart TV into the ultimate entertainment system. Once the USB cable is plugged into the TV’s HDMI port, your techie will have Chromcast and all of the streaming content he or she could need with access to Netflix, GooglePlay, and YouTube. Sweeten the deal with a subscription to your favorite streaming app, or splurge on Chromecast Ultra so they can watch Ozark in 4K Ultra HD.

3. Device Skins

Chances are they already own a lot of devices. Rather than add another to the list (blowing your budget in the process) give them a skin for each gadget. A skin is relatively small and affordable gift, perfect for last-minute stocking stuffers. It applies like a sticker and creates a scratch- and grime-free barrier between the device and the big, bad world. Each skin is tailor-made for the device it covers, so it provides unparalleled protection for a variety of gadgets, including PS4s, iPads, and Androids.

Choose the same color and you’re giving them a uniform for all of their devices. For added customization, head over to dbrand.com where you can play with their build-a-skin interface. Choose from dbrand-exclusive textures or true color favorites to create a personalized decal just right for your techie.

4. LED Tetris Nightlight

This isn’t like the nightlights of your childhood. This stackable Tetris nightlight comes with moveable parts you know from the game. Each piece lights up when in contact with another, allowing for a playable and illuminating game of Tetris before your techie goes to bed. Or in the middle of the day — we won’t judge.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones is a great gift for anyone who travels a lot or who just enjoys their privacy. A pair of Bose or Samsungs comes with a microphone that registers background noise so that it can pip in the appropriate sound waves to negate them. They work especially well when they’re up against the droning noise of jets and bus engines, yet they won’t muffle any important safety notices or stop announcements — making them ideal for anyone who has plans to jet set in the New Year.

They’re also incredibly handy for anyone hoping to hide the fact that they’re blaring Swish Swish for the 45th time or binge-watching another season of Great British Bake Off. Not that we would do either of those things.

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