5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Trackball Instead of a Mouse

Just because many people are familiar with the use of a mouse, they simply do not question that choice and stick to its use. However, using a trackball instead of a mouse should be an important consideration for your PC usage as it is bound to influence your experience. Here are 5 reasons you should start using the trackball instead of a mouse:

  1. Speed and Control in one package

This is one of the most practical benefits of using a trackball instead of a mouse as you don’t have to sacrifice speed for control or vice versa. This is the case because your hand only has to cover a smaller area while using the trackball whereas when using a mouse, you have to move your hand, stretching it in different directions and most times this may give you control but you will find that it reduces your speed.

  1. The Natural Strain-free way

If you tend to use on your PC for long periods, you will know how uncomfortable hand, neck and back strains are. This bad posture and strain while on your PC is mostly caused by the use of a mouse because your body is straining in two different directions – focusing on your PC as you also control the mouse. However, using your trackball your hands gets to move within a more natural range and does not put stress on your wrist and you can also maintain a good sitting position that will not require leaning out too far. By using a trackball, you can use your Pc for longer periods without experiencing body strain.

  1. Accuracy

When you just start using trackballs you may have some initial problems with accuracy while clicking and pointing. However, by the time you get a proper hang of using them, you will realize they give you better accuracy especially with functions that require tracking along vertical and horizontal lines. The pointer does not move by accident since you don’t lift the trackball and this achieves more accuracy on your PC experience.

  1. Get comfy with your PC

It is not every time, you will get to work with your PC on a table. You may want to sit on a couch or an armchair for your comfort or you might be in transit. In this case, using a mouse is out of it because you do not have the clear and flat surface to move it. However, since a trackball doesn’t need to be moved, you can place it on any surface and still achieve optimal use.

  1. You can choose what suits you

The mouse comes with a regular design and not much in the way of choices. However, for trackballs, you can choose the design that best suits your usage. Some trackballs come with just two buttons positioned in front of the ball, others have up to four buttons on the top with the ball in the center and there is also the type that comes with only the ball on the top and two buttons on either side of it.

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