Stay up to date with the ESPN College Football App for Android

The ESPN College Football Android App was released last week, and now that the first week of College football is in the books we thought it was time to take an up close look at the app. If you’re into College Football there are a lot of ways to track your team, and the ESPN College Football app looks to be the best way to keep track of all the action. The app breaks things down into several different categories including scores, live streams, videos, news, rankings, standings, teams, and bowl bound. The scoring section was the part I used the most as I’m a football nut and like to check up on scores for ball boards and just to be in the know. The score section is very nice as it gives you the score, but also gives you a recap, stats, and scoring summery for each game. You can browse through the scores by top teams, all games or my games although you have to log-in to use the ‘my games’ feature or add teams. The streaming & video sections of the app show clips and the best highlights from games around the country, but also gives you tweets from ESPN’s numerous blogs and sites. Most of the other categories are pretty self-explanatory as the news section brings you news, rankings for rank, etc.. I did think the addition of a small Fantasy section was cool though as it lets you play College Pick’em, College Football Challenge, and Streak for the Cash. You will have to sign-in to play any of the fantasy games or to set your favorite team, but if you’re a fantasy football nut you’ve probably already got an ESPN account. The ESPN College Football app is a good one, and it’s got a clean and easy to use interface that makes it a joy to use. It seemed to have damn near anything you’d want access to as a College Football Fan, and it’s nice to have the option to have alerts pushed to your phone when something major happens. As a fan this is an app I plan on having installed all season long (Go Vols!) and I think other Football aficionados will enjoy it just as much. If you’re ready to take it for a spin you can pick up the ESPN College Football app for free on Google Play.

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