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A Good Day To Die Hard gets an Android Game

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Fox Digital surprised us a lot of us last night when they released an official Die Hard game to promote the new movie A Good Day To Die Hard. Yup, we now have a Die Hard Android game and the world is a much better place for it. Die Hard for Android is an Endless Runner game from the folks at Godroid that lets you play as Jack McClane the son of John aka Bruce Willis. The game is set in Moscow where you’ll have to run and gun your way through the streets if you want to make it out alive. The controls are pretty standard as you’ll swipe to change lanes, swipe to jump, and tap to shoot. You’ll also get some slow mo’ bullet-time action that lets you take on several enemies at once. As you’d expect there’s a shop with power-ups that include better weapons, new clothing, and a few gadgets. I love me some Die Hard so it’s an understatement to say I was excited about a Die Hard Android game. That being said… where in the hell is John McClane? If there’ no cameo from Bruce I will be thoroughly disappointed as putting his tank top in the game isn’t going to cut it for me. If nothing else we better get that infamous catch phrase of his at some point in the game. The game itself is solid though as the action is fast, the gameplay is tight and most importantly it’s fun. You can pick up Die Hard for Android on Google Play for free.

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