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A Look at Putter King Adventure Golf for Android

by On

Putter King Adventure Golf is a brand new 3D mini golf game from Putter King. The game has been popular in Japan for awhile now, and after playing it myself I can tell you it’s going to be a bit hit in other countries and on Android as well. Putter King Adventure Golf gives you 24 unique themed holes spread out across putt-putt courses, and 3 upcoming user designed holes. The courses themselves are great and very reminiscent of the putt-putt courses of old where you’ll have to hit the ball through small mazes, around corners and occasionally over some water. There are 4 game modes with Championship, Time Trial, Practice, and local Mutliplayer. Championship is your made mode of play with 3 courses titled Adventures in Japan, Trip around the World, and Putty’s Playground. Putter King Adventure Golf also keeps track of your scores locally or through Openfeints high score & achievement system. Another cool feature is the 2011 user-sourced hole design contest. The contest gives you the chance to design your own hole for the app, and it gives you a chance to win $550 dollars if your hole is chosen to be featured. The only bad thing I can say about Putter King Adventure Golf is that I wish it had more holes, because it’s a lot of fun to play. It’s an easy game to play, the graphics are top-notch and Putter King is the kind of game that anyone in the family can play from kids to adults. Having 24 levels is a great start, but I’m hoping they’ll be more added in the future. Putter King Adventure Golf is one of the best mini-golf game out there, and you can grab it in the market for $2.99.