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A Look at The Passenger Ep. 1 for Android

by On

The Passenger Ep. 1 is a new touch-to-move adventure game from Gravity Home that drops you into a mysterious world where you’ll uncover clues and solve puzzles to advance the storyline. The 2D art and hand-drawn backgrounds are stunning, but the real question is how’s the gameplay? The game starts with a quick cutscene that gives you some insight into our Hero’s story, and then it’s time to get down to business. You basically walk around and try to find objects to interact with; whenever you see a glowing aura appear around an object you can interact with it. Some objects can be used with each other to accomplish certain tasks while others will be used by themselves. There are some mini-games thrown in as well to mix things up a bit, but casically it’s a straight forward touch & move adventure game. The gameplay is fun, but the graphics and overall atmosphere have been the stars of the game so far. Although I did have a good time playing The Passenger Ep. 1, it was a little too short. The concept itself is good and I also like the way the storyline is laid out with pictures and no dialogue. That being said, unless Chapter 2 is included for free it’s a very short game that can be beaten in around 10-15 minutes if you’ve played click adventure games before. You can check out The Passenger Ep.1 for $0.99 cents in the Android market. The Passenger Ep. 1