A Review of Herocraft’s Birds On A Wire for Android

In the past HeroCraft has brought us Frenzied Farms and Majestic Kingdoms, now we get some cute little Birds On A Wire. Are you skilled enough to help break the birds out of their terrible trance?


Birds On A Wire is a Zuma style arcade puzzler that puts you to work helping out some little birds that have fallen under an evil witches spell. The birds have been put into a trance of doom and the only way to help them is to shoot birds of the same color into groups which will snap them out of their trance and send them up into the safety of the skies. If you’ve ever played a bubble poppin’ or jewel swappin’ game you’ll be right at home with Birds on a Wire as it’s a very simple game to play. When each level starts you’ll see a troop of birds marching across a line, and you simply need to tap the screen to fire a bird.

Just like in a match-3 game your goal is to get there like colored birds together to clear them, but you’ll have to do it before they reach the end of the line. You can use the sides of the level to ricochet your shots, and you can tap the little bird shooter to change the current bird to another. Why would you want to do this? Well, for one it makes matching easier and the second reason is that different birds do different things. Some will cause the line to reverse itself while others will bring it to a temporary halt. If you make it to the end of a level you’ll be given a score and some stars based on the number of shots you took as well as your combos, chains, and diamonds.


Speaking of levels, Birds On A Wire has a lot of them as you’ll get to take on 50 levels of fun. The game also offers 5 different modes of play with Adventure, Arcade, Action, Endless Action & Endless Arcade. Adventure Mode is the heart of the game where you’ll get to run through the 50 levels while Arcade mode can be unlocked after you’ve completed 20 levels in Adventure mode. The same goes for the two Endless modes which will be yours to play if you can beat all the levels in Action & Arcade mode. No matter how you slice it, there’s a lot of gameplay which means a lot of fun. There are also 3 modes of difficulty which is nice as that means that everyone can get a good challenge whether they’re a novice or a pro. If the levels and modes weren’t enough, Herocraft also included 29 achievements, a scoring table, and overall stat tracking to keep track of your total score throughout the game.


Birds On A Wire is a solid Android Game that’s a lot of fun to play and has a very nice replay factor. There are quite a few Zuma style games out there, but I enjoyed the way this one mixes things up as different birds do different things and it’s got a ton of depth to boot. The graphics are another reason I was drawn to the game as they’re very easy on the eyes and help put you into the world of Birds On A Wire. Overall, Birds On A Wire is a great little game that anyone can enjoy and a great way to kill some time. There’s a free version of the game that you can check out while the full version of Birds On A Wire can be all yours for the low price of $0.99. Both versions of Herocraft’s Birds On A Wire are available on Google Play.

Birds On A Wire


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