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A Review of Prize Claw Halloween for Android

by On


Growing up the Claw Machine cost me quite a bit of cash and more than a little anguish. Every time I would come across one I’d drop a few bucks trying to grab a dinky prize with the always unsteady claw. I was never any good at it, but I am pretty good with the Android version called Prize Claw. I’ve been meaning to review this great little time-killer for awhile now, and thought why not review the new Halloween edition Game Circus just put out. You may not think grabbing prizes with a claw is much fun, but you’d be wrong as Prize Claw Halloween is a blast to play.


Prize Claw Halloween has a lot more going on than just grabbing prizes. You’ll do missions, level up and collect prizes and puzzle pieces. Controlling the Claw is simple; you’ll have a joystick to drag left, right, up or down and there are two rotate buttons so you can get a view from the side. The core of the game is about doing missions to collect prizes and most of the time they’re pretty easy to complete. There are prizes, gems, coins, and puzzle pieces scattered inside the machine; each one of these items serves a purpose in the gameplay. Prizes are put into collections and you can get coins and bonuses for trading in the collections. Gems have special effects during gameplay depending on their color, and coins are used to buy things in the machine shop. Every time you complete a mission you’ll be earn Xp and will level up when you’re gauge fills up.


You get special powers when you level up, but those powers require energy which regenerates over time. What makes the game difficult is the fact you only have a certain number of grabs. When they run out you can buy more grabs with coins you’ve collected or wait for them to regenerate over time. Another cool part of the game is the Machine Shop. This is where you go to spend your coins and they have quite a bit to offer. You can buy extra grabs, picture frames, themes, as well as better claws & joysticks. Some of the items require a pretty high level to unlock them (level 70 for the best claw), and they all cost coins. Prize Claw Halloween has the in-app purchase system setup as well so you can remove ads or buy more coins to use in the game.


I was pleasantly surprised the first time I played Prize Claw, and Prize Claw Halloween is just as fun. I normally don’t like games that require you to wait lengths of time before your next turn, but this one wasn’t bad and you can build up a lot of grabs early on if you do well. Overall, it’s a great time killer and game everyone should check out. It’s not near as frustrating as the real claw machines, and won’t cost you a dime as it’s free to download in the market.