AA Asks: Would you buy Android Authority Gear?


Welcome to the very first edition of a series we call AA Asks! It’s where we ask you, our loyal viewers and fans, about questions we have, so we can create a better site for you.

Android Authority exists only because of you, our fans. We work everyday around the clock to provide great video, awesome event coverage, timely news, commentary, in-depth reviews and device comparisons, and much more.

We’re insanely passionate about mobile technology! But, at the end of the day, it’s for you, our fans and readers, that we aspire to cover the rapidly changing world of mobile technology and Android!

We want to improve

From time to time, we’ll reach out to you, to ask you questions about what you want from us in terms of coverage, content, and more. It’s with this information that we can work diligently to improve and produce the content that you, the boss, will want to see!

In this first episode, we are going to ask you about Android Authority gear. See, we often get asked for Android Authority T-shirts, stickers, or even coffee mugs. A few of the guys on the AA team all have these, and we thought, if there was enough interest, we could make them available.

Is this something  you would be interested in, if we made it? We know a lot of you like “Mr. AA”, our humble mascot here at Android Authority. Please answer the short survey to the best of your ability. Thanks!

  • Would you buy the following Android Authority Products?*Heck No: 0%I doubt it: 25%I’m on the fence: 50%Maybe: 75%Heck Ya!: 100%TshirtsPinsStickersAA mascot Android figurineMoulded cases with our AA MascotPrinted cases with our AA Mascot/LogoWe want to know if you would want to buy custom Android Authority products? Please fill out the following survey by saying how interested you are in the product on a scale from 0-100%
  • Which device do you own?
  • Do you want to join the team AA Newsletter?
    • Yes I want to subscribe

    *We will send you updates, top news of the week, and you are entered in a weekly draw for Android phones, tablets & other cool products.

  • Email*
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