AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, June 9, 2013


In the AA Weekly, we recap the most significant events that happened over the past seven days in the world of Android. We look at new devices, major news, leaks, and everything else you should know to stay on top of your favorite operating system.

Asus goes tablet crazy at Computex

The Computex trade show took place in Taiwan last week, the perfect occasion for local firms to show off their finest wares. And, boy, did Asus showed them off.

In a glitzy event presided over by the inimitable Jonney Shih, Asus unveiled a Galaxy Note competitor called Fonepad Note (bonus points for creativity here), a hybrid laptop with two processors, two storage systems, and two operating systems (Android and Windows 8), and a new Transformer Pad Infinity. Did we mention the $129 Nexus 7 lookalike?

Transformer Book Trio Credit: Engadget

ARM vs Intel? Bring us the popcorn

The smartphone revolution caught Intel dozing, and it took the chip giant a few years to shake off the nap. Meanwhile, ARM was out eating Intel’s lunch, putting an ARM design in virtually every mobile device on the market.

But Intel is back with a vengeance, and last week showed us that the mobile hardware landscape might get a whole lot more interesting in the coming months. Intel scored its first major design wins for its Atom processors, the Galaxy Tab 3 and the ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10. In addition, the tech world debated the chances of the new Silvermont architecture and specifically of the Merrifield chips that should power high-end smartphones starting in early 2014. Should ARM be worried?

Intel logo Credit: huangjiahui

Samsung wins ban on Apple products, doesn’t brag about it

The unthinkable happened – Apple was slapped with a preliminary ban on some old versions of the iPhone and iPad, right on its home turf. The decision is not final, and even if it were applied, the lost profits would be peanuts compared to the amounts of cash that Apple rakes in every year.

More interesting that the ban itself was Samsung’s reaction to the decision, or better said, its lack of thereof. Our Nate Swanner dissected the reasons behind this restrained attitude in his post here. Let’s just say that, at the end of the …read more

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