According to Security Experts, Google Knows Your Wi-Fi Password


Guess what, according to many security experts, Google already knows your Wi-Fi password. This is another scandal waiting to happen, as Android users are discovering one disturbing fact : when you’re configuring your Google account on your new Android running smartphone/tablet, you may well discover that Google magically knows all the Wi-Fi passwords you have used in the past on different Android devices.

This actuallly happened 2 years ago to a blogger named Donovan Colbert and more than that, his Android tablet connected on its own to a Wi-Fi network in its vicinity, at his place of work. Cool story bro, what can I say? I hope you remember the Google StreetView scandal, in which Google was caught sniffing Wi-Fi traffic in order to get the user’s passwords. Well, do you?

After the recent leaks of the hero whistle blower Edward Snowden, people begun to realize what’s going on with Google and Big Brother. It all started in Germany, at the University of Passau, where students and staff were advised to turn off their Android devices, because their passwords were sent to a third party->Google, of course.

That was a wake up call for the online community,as people started to realize the problem with having absolutely zero privacy on the internet. That’s because Android (and iOS for that matter) are using crowd-sourcing in order to enable your mobile device to give you an approximate location based on the near-by Wi-Fi networks. And since Google (via StreetView) has a map of all the WI-Fi networks in the world (give or take) and since Android devices are sending regularly your private passwords to Google, it’s a no brainer that the NSA or Google can pin point a network any time they want and get your password.


This huge privacy matter was addressed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation back in August this year when they asked Google to take measures and restore their users trust.

What can you do to protect your Wi-Fi privacy? First, change your password and after that deactivate your “Back up my data” option on every droid you own. Keep in mind that the option is activated by default since Android 2.2.

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