Adobe Flash to be pulled from Android today

For a long time, iPhone users fought to make Adobe Flash become available on the iOS device. Their pleas however, were left unheard and it became one of the number one reasons why Android was thought to be better than iOS and was a fact used in many arguments about which mobile OS was actually better. One of the reasons Apple did not implement Adobe Flash on to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is because they saw that HTML5 was becoming the norm and over taking the use of Flash in the mobile world of devices. Unfortunately, this does appear to be the case as back in June Adobe revealed that they would be pulling the plug on the Adobe Flash Android app later in the year. Also, with Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean being unveiled, it was announced that Jelly Bean would not support the Adobe Flash Android app at all.

Move forward a few months and that ‘later in the year’ day is now upon us and Adobe have announced that they will be stopping new installations of Adobe Flash on Android smartphones. Users who have already downloaded the app will still be able to use it. Unfortunately, there are still some apps on the Android Google Play Store that do actually require the Adobe Flash app. The BBC iPlayer for example, when you load it up for the first time it prompts you to download Adobe Flash, as I discovered just a couple of days ago. Hopefully the BBC and other app makers will update their apps which require Adobe Flash, other wise it will leave new Android users with a few less apps fully working on their new Android smartphones.

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