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Adobe Releases Touch Apps for Android, Adobe Photoshop Looks Promising

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Adobe has just released six Android apps under its Adobe Touch suite of mobile applications. These apps include – Adobe Photoshop Touch for image editing; Adobe Collage for moodboards; Adobe Debut for presenting and reviewing creative work; Adobe Ideas for sketching; Adobe Kuler for exploring color themes; and Adobe Proto for website and mobile app prototyping. These six apps were inspired by Adobe’s desktop suite of software which in case you’re not aware of is called Adobe Creative Suite. All of these Adobe Touch apps are available now from the Android Market for $9.99 each. All apps will run on Android tablets  running Android 3.1 or higher and with a minimum screen size of 8.9-inch and resolution of 1280×800. Additionally, these apps are all integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud which allows you to view files, share and transfer them as well. Think of Adobe Creative Cloud as the iCloud of files you’ve created using those Adobe Touch Apps. However, Adobe Creative Cloud will be opened for membership not until early part of 2012. So, which of these apps will you be interested in downloading to your Android tablets? Of course, one of the most useful will be Adobe Photoshop Touch. I can’t wait to get it and do some image editing on my Android tablet. In case you’re also interested about Adobe Photoshop Touch, some of its notable features include – Scribble Selection Tool, Refine Edge, as well as simple finger gestures. The app will also let you combine multiple photos into layered images, edit them and apply professional effects. Yes, it looks like its going to be like the desktop Adobe Photoshop software after all, or perhaps of lesser features. The Adobe Photoshop Touch Android app is available now from the Android Market. The five other Adobe Touch apps are available as well and you can find it by searching for their names on the Android Market.