Wars is one of those shows people either love or hate. The premise behind the show is a great idea for an Android game, and the folks at A&E have delivered one with Storage Wars Locker Slots. Unfortunately, just because something’s a “great idea” doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. storage.wars-2As the title implies, Storage Wars Locker Slots is a slot machine game based on the popular TV series Storage Wars. The show follows people that buy storage units in the hopes of making a big find, and the game lets you play “themed” slots with items like cameras, telescopes, and TV’s. It’s just as lame as it sounds. You don’t get to buy or sell anything, there are obviously no “Yups” from Dave. We didn’t even get to see Barry or the lovely Brandy anywhere in our brief play through. The slots aren’t much fun, and there’s no real challenge to the game from what I’ve seen. I was able to auto-spin my way through 4 lockers before hitting the paywall where I had to stop; you can get daily bonuses once a day if you don’t want to buy credits to play with. There are a few different locations to play through with around 30 lockers, and the screenshots show some sort of pawn shop function, but I never came across it in the game. storage.wars-1 Movie tie-in games are getting better all the time, but mobile games associated with TV shows are still being poorly done for the most part. They could have done a lot of great things with a property like Storage Wars – why they made a slot machine game is beyond bizarre. I’m a fan of the show, but I can’t really recommend the game. If you really want to give it a shot you can pick up Storage Wars Locker Slots for free on Google Play.

Storage Wars: Locker Slots

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