The Wikipad started out with a fair share of hype around it when it was first announced last year. Unfortunately, quite a few delays and internal problems quickly pushed the Wikipad into “vaporware” status. The good news is that the WikiPad is in fact real and on its way soon, with the tablet arriving on June 11th.

According to the folks behind the WikiPad, the tablet will be available for just $249 from retailers such as TigerDirect, Best Buy and Walmart. The company also plans to expand its list of retail partners and will announce these details at the upcoming E3 gaming show.

So was the WikiPad worth the long wait? The answer depends on what you are looking for. If you want a big-name device that has tons of raw power, the Nvidia Shield might be a better choice thanks to its high-end Tegra 4 processor. If you don’t care so much about raw power, the WikiPad tablet provides a cheaper entry price ($100 less) and also has the advantage of a larger, detachable display that can be used a standard tablet.

Outside of the Tegra 3 processor, the WikiPad features a 7-inch 1280

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