Agenda Calendar comes to Android with its clean, minimalist appointment and calendar views

Previously released for iOS, mobile calendar app Agenda Calendar has finally been released for Android and is available now from Google Play. Agenda Calendar was well released by iOS device users and so Android fans who’ve heard about this app clamoured for an Android version and so the developers obliged and released the Android app. Curious as to why Agenda Calendar is getting some raves from its users? First and foremost, the app suits well those who are looking for a calendar app with clean and minimalist view for appointments and calendars. The app has stripped away all the stuff you don’t need and focused on making app let you manage your day more quickly. The app’s navigation is so simple to use and just need a couple of swipe gestures to switch view from monthly, weekly or daily calendar views or even from one meeting to another. The app’s views are so simple that it will successfully help you get up to speed with what you have to do for the day or the entire week. Even when creating events, the app lets you do so with a single-tap operation. The app gives you all the options that you will need to add an appointment via a single screen. From the same screen you can set an appointment to be recurring, set an alarm or even change dates. You can easily access URLS, dates, phone numbers as well as email address easily as well. The rest of the app’s features are as follow:

  • At a glance layout
  • Views for the year, month, week, day, and event
  • Fast event creation w/repeat options
  • “Jump To Day” picker to fly to a date of choice
  • Swipes & gestures to quickly change views
  • Tappable email addresses, URLs, addresses, etc.
  • Syncs using your device’s calendar settings

Agenda Calendar Android app is available now from Google Play for $1.99.

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