Are you a shutterbug? If so, there’s a new Android App you may want to check out called Photo 360° from Sfera and AMA Ltd. As the title implies Photo 360° allows you to take panoramic photos which might not sound all that impressive until you consider the fact that the app allows you to do panoramic pictures and audio in one fell swoop. Photo 360° is simple to use, you just need to do a “20 second turn” where you’ll turn in a slow circle while the camera records pictures and audio. If the audio aspect wasn’t cool enough there are actually three different ways you can take your panoramas with regular 360°, object/person 360°, and behind you. The first one is pretty self-explanatory while object lets  you get panoramic by turning clockwise around your model or object and behind you (front cameras only) lets you show the world turning around you. As with any good photo app when your masterpiece is finished you can share it via Facebook or Twitter.


Photo 360° is an easy to use photo app that makes taking panoramic pictures easy. I did have some issues with blur indoors, but once I moved outside the pictures game out great. As with any photography, it’s all about the lighting so keep that in mind when setting up your shot. You can check out Photo 360° by Sfera over at Google Play for the low price of free.

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