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AMA releases The Love Test Calculator Halloween Edition

by On

Halloween and Love generally aren’t two things that go together unless you’ve got a lot of love for the holiday itself. The Love Test Calculator Halloween edition looks to change that though as you’ll take Halloween themed tests geared to give you a bit of insight into your relationship. The Love Test Calculator Halloween Edition is broken down into 4 sections with Halloween Tests, Calculator, Test and Tender Words. The Halloween Tests section lets you find out the “Halloween” nature of your relationship, which costume is right for you and your significant other, and also lets you see which Halloween couple you are. The actual love calculator has you put in you and your lover’s info then it gives you a brief rundown of your compatibility. The test section has the love tests including the original one, a challenge, and an “are they going to leave you” test. Last but not least you’ve got the Tender Words section which gives you the rules of loving along with a few sweet things to say to your mate. I covered the original Love test when it was released, and the Halloween version looks to be a quick update of the original with a few Halloween themed quizzes and some spooky graphics. I didn’t give this version of the app a go as I’m single so it’s kind of pointless, but I could see some Halloween loving couples having a bit of fun with it. If you want to give it a try you can pick up AMA’s Love Test Halloween Calculator for free on Google Play.