Amazon Appstore goes live in China

amazon.appstore.china-androidAmazon may still be behind Google Play in terms of content, but over the weekend the Amazon Appstore made the jump to China. Yup, Amazon has beaten Google to the punch as they’ll be the first to offer paid Android apps in China. We knew this day was coming as last month Amazon put the word out and asked developers to start getting apps ready for global distribution. Breaking into China is pretty big news for Amazon although it’s not their first trip to the Far East as the company launched their e-book store along with their e-reader app last December in China. Google Play is also available in China, but limited as they only offer up free material at this time. The Chinese Amazon Appstore will offer both paid and free content, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have competition as there are hundreds of local sites that offer up Android Apps & Games to users in China. There’s a lot of malware associated with these sites, so having a reputable shop like Amazon to peruse is a great thing for folks in China and developers as people can download the “real thing” instead of grabbing a pirated copy or a fake app full of malware. The Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire haven’t found their way to China’s shores yet, but it looks like it won’t be long now that the Amazon Appstore is available in China.

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