Amazon Appstore now available to select European countries

After being available for many months in the US only, the Amazon Appstore is now available outside of the States. Amazon however, as expected hasn’t released it for every region and it is only available for select European countries while other regions such as Australia are still Amazon appless. Amazon have released their Appstore to the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. For those who haven’t heard of the Amazon Appstore, you may be wondering how it differs to the Google Play Store and why does the Amazon Appstore even matter. A question I’ve had to explain to a few people today already surrounding my excitement about the UK release. Perhaps one of the best features of the Amazon Appstore is that every day they offer a paid app for free, such as the ad-free version of Angry Birds. As we’ve learned in the past week, some apps and games are released first on the Amazon Appstore and are an exclusive on the Amazon Appstore for a while. This week the popular iOS game Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios became available for Android, but only through the Amazon Appstore and it has still yet to make an appearance on the Google Store. Personally this was the first game I downloaded after installing the Amazon Appstore on my phone (it’s a fantastic game). To download the Amazon Appstore you will need to be able to install third party apps and have that feature activated. The setting is usually found within the security settings on your phone. Once it’s enabled you can download the Amazon Appstore app from Amazon and begin enjoying new Android apps and games.

Amazon App Store

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