Amazon drops price on Kindle Fire HD 7″

kindle fire hd price drop

For the Amazon faithful, the Kindle series of tablets is exactly what they need. The tablets were instrumental in setting the pace for modern tablet pricing, and their tie-in to Amazon’s ecosystem is great for Prime members. Their attention to safety for kids is great, and their media selection is nearly unbeatable.

Even at the regular price, these tablets were well worth the money. Amazon has discounted them, though, making them even more attractive. Whether as as second tablet for the family or a first for you, the Kindle Fire HD is a great choice. The 7-inch screen is perfect for all use-case scenarios, and is perfect for little hands.

The timing is strange, but could just mean Amazon has quite a bit of stock on hand they wish to unload. The typical release time frame for Kindle tablets is in the fall, so we don’t expect a new one any time soon. The Kindle Fire HD was released in September of 2012, so we have a few months before we can expect another.

The price drop is international, as we’re seeing new pricing on the UK site as well as a few others. The domestic discount seems to be fairly applicable elsewhere, as the UK site shows a £20 drop in price. The 16GB is $169, while the 32GB is $199.

If you’re interested, head over to Amazon and check them out! If you have one, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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Via: Android Authority

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