Amazon launches the Amazon Coin, its own Virtual Currency I/O may be coming up in a few days, but Amazon stole some headlines today as they officially launched the virtual Amazon Coin. It’s their foray into the world of in-app currency, and I’m sure gamers across the globe are giddy at the news… The Amazon Coin will allow you to buy apps through the Amazon Appstore, and you’ll also be able to use them for those lovely in-app purchases we all love so much.  Amazon is kicking things off by giving Kindle Fire customers 500 free coins which equates to $5 bucks worth of real money. They are also offering discounts if you want to jump right into things – you’ll get a discount when you buy Amazon Coins in bulk, and you’ can save up to 10% when you buy $100 dollars’ worth of virtual currency. The discount is tiered so if you only want to spend a little, you can still get a bit of a discount. 1000 Amazon coins will set you back $9.50 which is a 5% discount while purchasing 2,500 coins gives you an 8% savings at $23.00. You’ll save 10% on the top-tier packages of 5,000 & 10,000 coins, but you have to be willing to drop some dough as those packs will cost you a pretty penny at $45 and $90 respectively. Amazon hopes to lure folks into the world of the Amazon Coin with their discounts, and will be offering the usual 70% revenue split with developers on in-app purchases. While we don’t think a new Virtual Coin is going to make more people start using the Amazon Appstore, it is certainly an interesting development for the e-commerce giant. If you have a Kindle you’ll have some free coins to burn through today, and if you’re just itching to drop some money, you can hit up this link and buy yourself a slew of Amazon Coins.

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