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Amazon Preparing His Own Android Gaming Console?

by On


According to anonymous sources (I just love this kind) cited by the Game Informer magazine, the retail giant Amazon is preparing for entering combat in the increasingly competitive market of Android gaming consoles with its own brand.

So, those mysterious sources told Game Informer that Amazon Inc is working hard in developing its own Android powered console, that it is expected to hit the shelves until the end of the current year. This Android running console could even be sold in the USA during the Black Friday marketing campaign, among other cool electronic gadgets, so if the rumor proves to be true, we’re in for a real treat!

We have absolutely no clue from Amazon itself about their involvement in such a project, they refused to comment about the matter when contacted, but rumor has it that the Android console will come with its own controller  and it will use the games titles already available  on the Amazon platform. As you may already know, every day Amazon offers an App, an E-book or a game, completely free of charge, to every user of their home-made devices (like Kindle) ; I wonder if that will be the case with the new gaming console.

It is  interesting to see how things will develop in the future, especially if the new console will profit from the Amazon Game Circle, also what will be the future of other Android based devices produced by Amazon, like the Kindle Fire tablet.

Amazon’s intention to enter the gaming console market  will be a hard blow to its direct competitors, like Ouya or GamePop; question is if  they will be able to face the slayer or they will go down into oblivion…

I will keep you posted as the story develops.