Amazon Sends Invites For A Special Event On September 28th

There have been several prominent rumors and leaks regarding Amazon’s decision to produce an Android tablet.  What makes Amazon’s tablet different from the many other Android tablets currently in the market is the business model Amazon is expected to employ.  Traditionally, manufacturers of Android tablets typically charge a high price to reflect the costs associated with production, but Amazon is willing to take a slight loss on the initial sale of the tablet with the hopes to make up the loss and eventually turn a profit based on the customer’s willingness to purchase future goods through Amazon. Amazon already has many services ranging from an App store, to a video store, to a music store, and, of course, their staple online retail store.  If their tablet owners buy a few Amazon products once in a while, then over time those purchases will add up and result in greater sales for Amazon. Earlier today, Amazon sent out invitations to several news outlets inviting them to an event that is taking place on September 28th in New York City.  While no one knows exactly what is going to be announced at the event, there is much chatter and buzz surrounding the distinct possibility that Amazon will take the wraps off the largely anticipated Android tablet.

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