Dream Journal Pro is a full-featured journaling tool put out by Radiant Monkey Software that lets you track your dreams and helps you try to analyze them using the Jungian Dream Theory. No, this Android App won’t pop you into the world of Inception, but it’s pretty handy to have around if you have a lot of funky dreams.

Anyone who’s had some off the wall dreams knows that as soon as you wake, they slowly start fading from memory. This is where The Dream Journal comes into play as it works to help you quickly put down those fading thoughts so you can look them over later. The app some nice features like adjustable font sizes, custom searches, and the ability to backup and restore from your SD Card; you can also email your dreams in text or html format. The app also has a Night Mode which is something all sleepy time app should have; nothing sucks like being blinded in the middle of the night by an overly bright screen when you turn on your phone.


Dream Journal Pro seems like a great way to help keep track of your dreams and if you’ve got some crazy ones it’s an app you’ll definitely want to check out. It won’t make you an expert, but it has some nice features and can definitely help you manage your data. Normally Dream Journal Pro would set you back $1.99, but for today you can get it for free by simply going to the Amazon App store and picking it up.

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