Amazon’s Free App of the Day for January 5th, 2011 – My First Puzzles


Kids. You’ve gotta love the little tikes and their funny ways; like how they won’t go to bed when they’re supposed to or how they want everything you have in your hands… especially your cell phone. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to putting a few kid related games on my phone to keep the little guys busy, and Amazon has nice Kids app as their Free App of the Day with My First Puzzles from AR Entertainment.

My First Puzzles is geared towards children 2 to 6 years of age and it’s guaranteed to keep the little folks busy and out of your contacts. This colorful collection gives kids 14 different puzzles to keep them busy while you keep your sanity. They’ll work on animals like rabbits, tigers, foxes, bears, ducks, dogs, and even octopuses. The puzzles are all very simple and easy to work; there aren’t any extras to speak of, but there really doesn’t need to be as this is a simple puzzle app for kids.


My First Puzzles is a great way to keep the little ones busy, and the puzzles are cute and very easy to work. That being said older kids may not find it challenging enough; the age range is 2-6, but I’m thinking it’s more like 2-4 for most kids. If your kids enjoy this set of puzzles, AR Entertainment has several others your children might enjoy as well. You can pick up My First Puzzles for free today in the Amazon App store, after today it will cost you $1.99.

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