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American Ball brings Skee Ball to Android

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american.ball-androidSkee Ball has been around since the early 1900s, and it’s pretty safe to say it’s a game most Americans have played at some point and time. American Ball brings an updated version of the classic to Android devices complete with tickets, and multiplayer action.american.ball-1 If you’re not familiar with the game known as Skee Ball here’s the skinny. Skee ball consists of a ramp with a series of rings at the top, each with different point values. You have to roll a hard ball down the lane towards the incline where it “ramps” up into one of the point rings. At the end of the game,  (when you run out of balls) you’re given tickets based on your score. American Ball works the same way, except you’re not going to get to buy chintzy prizes with your tickets. American Ball is more than just a simple Skee Ball game as there are plenty of unlockable items, and you get your ownamerican.ball-2 Skee Ball room with the 360 Bar. The 360 Bar is your game room and you can deck it out with rugs, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and gaming machines. Everything costs tickets which can be earned or bought through the games in-app purchasing setup. American Ball also has online tournaments that can be accessed with a Cup or League Pass. I’ve been playing Skee Ball since the days of Showbiz Pizza, and American Ball is a great way to get a little Skee Ball action on your phone or tablet. There are plenty to unlock and customize, and the online tourneys are a lot of fun, but very tough. You’ll definitely want to practice before buying a pass with tickets to play in a tourney. It’s a little rough around the edges in spots, but well worth a look if you like Skee Ball. You can pick up Sigma Game’s American Ball for free on Google Play.

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