American Eagle releases the official AE Android App


I’ve been shopping at American Eagle for years now, so I was pretty psyched up when I got an email telling me their official Android app had been released. It was made better by the fact that I was told I’d receive discounts for using the app along with AE Rewards points. I knew the app would look great, but I wasn’t sure if it would actually work after reading the early market comments. At first I had issues with the app like 50% of users were having, then two days later it started working and it’s been up and running ever since.


First and foremost, the American Eagle app lets you browse their current online selection just like you would on the site complete with all the categories and current specials. You can also browse their sister sites Aerie (for the ladies…) and 77 kids just like the main site. The layout looks great, and is exactly what I had hoped for from the app in that aspect. I also like the scanner function although I haven’t had a chance to test it in the store yet. You can use AE’s Style Mixer to scroll through shirts and jeans to see how things look together or shop for a premade look in the Looks to Live In section. Last but not least, we have the mobile offers tab which gives you exclusive deals and specials; I tested the 20% off code they had listed code and it worked like a charm. The stores specials change weekly and sometimes daily so it’s something you want to check on frequently if you’re looking for deals or codes. There are quite a few deals to be had through the app in the form of AE Rewards points as well. Here’s a breakdown of the Reward Points deals I came across in the app…

  • Download the App & Sign-in to get 25 points
  • Purchase any 2 items from the trends or style mixer shop for 25 points
  • Check-in at the AE/Aerie/77 kids stores and get 5 points
  • Scan clothing in the store with the app for 1 point per scan


There have been a LOT of market comments about the app not working; especially with people trying to log into their accounts. I did get have the log-in issue a few times, but it works great now. I also received my reward points for using the app which was nice as I’m trying to hit the 40% off mark before Thanksgiving. This is a “Must Have” app if you shop at AE, and if you had trouble running it a few days ago you should give it another shot. AE App

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