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Analyze your Athletic Performance with Coach's Eye for Android

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What’s the one thing all major sports have in common? You’ve got to have a coach. You can’t always have your coach with you, but thanks to Coach’s Eye from TechSmith Corporation you can a have coaching tool in your pocket at all times. Coach’s Eye is a video analysis app that lets you break down your swing, snap, kick, serve, and form with it’s easy to use tools. The app records video so you or your coach can go back and break things down, analyze your techniques, and make corrections when necessary. You can use drawing tools to mark up footage just like the pros, and you can even record your voice over footage so you can make notations when necessary. One of the cooler features has to be the Slo-Mo review where you can use a flywheel which allows you to use precise scrubbing on any play or video you’ve taken. Last but certainly not least, you can watch your breakdowns on the big screen via HDMI or Bluetooth connection depending on how your device is setup.


Coach’s Eye looks to be a great Android app for coaches and athletes alike as it really allows you to breakdown performances and make corrections without being tethered to a desk. There are plenty of great features (the drawing tools are very cool) to use, and if you’ve ever seriously played sports or Coached this app looks like a great one to have on hand. There isn’t a demo version to try at this time, but the full version of Coach’s Eye can be yours for only $4.99 on Google Play.