Occasionally, an Android app comes out that I take a personal interest in and that’s happened this week as Ancestry.com has finally released the first Beta version of their official app. Ancestry.com is the leading Genealogy site on the net, and they have a MASSIVE wealth of information available to help you trace you roots. I’ve been using Ancestry.com for years so I was thrilled to see they actually have an app now even if it’s just a Beta. Even though the app is still in Beta, it looks great and is very easy to use. You can access any tree’s you’ve made on the site and view anyone in the tree as well as their parents, children, etc. You get all the basic details on each person’s info page with birth, marriage, residence, and death along with a profile picture if you’ve added one. There’s still a lot of information that needs to be added, but what’s there now is enough to show people you’re tree while you’re on the move.  Browsing through the tree is as easy as touching the family member you want to view or by swiping; I was honestly surprised at how easy it was to browse through 200+ members of my family tree. For those of you not familiar with the service you do have to have an Ancestry.com account to use the app, but it’s free to open an account on their site. They have some nice paid monthly packages and a free 14 day trial, but you can honestly get most of the legwork done without subscribing. That being said, once you get stuck in the tree (it will happen) it’s definitely worth subscribing. While the app is still in Beta, it works & looks great so far and I can’t wait to see the finished version; I know they are adding the ability to edit your tree which will be awesome to say the least. If you’re into Genealogy you’ll definitely want to grab this and I’ve you’ve never tried to trace your roots, maybe now’s the time. Ancestry App

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