And Yet Another Rumor About the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, It Will Feature A Flexible Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Another rumor surfaced about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, this time the leak comes from a South Korean news agency. MT Media, because they are the source, claims that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will boast a huge 5.99 inches wide Super AMOLED touch screen, with a twist : it will be a flexible display. How about that? I hope you remember my article about the rivalry between LG and Samsung, when it comes to the future of the smart industry, i.e. flexible displays. Now, rumor has it that Samsung even has a flagships in the works, featuring one of those babies. How about that? The initial rumor about the Galaxy Note 3 was that it will feature a 5.7 inches regular touchscreen. Now, we have a different report, claiming a different size, and most importantly, the latest technology when it comes to mobile displays. According to the information released by the South Korean media company, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sporting the high tech flexible display technology will enter production in August and it will be released on the global markets as early as September. Cool, I can’t wait to see that huge flexible display frying pan! Anyway, don’t get your hopes high, because this is just a rumor, for the time being. But taking into account that the sales of the current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4, are kind of slowing down, and also the announcement made by LG that they will soon launch their flexible display line of smartphones, it seems very plausible for Samsung to work hard on releasing a new, innovative device, don’t you think? Common sense, kind of thing. Another reason for which the rumor may be true is that other rival companies, like Sony and HTC, will launch their products rivaling Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, sometimes this year. I am talking here about the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which was already officially announced, and also the HTC’s One Max, which is still a rumor, but I buy on that rumor! And both phablets are serious¬† adversaries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung must do something to get ahead of the crowd, and a flexible display might just do the trick, don’t you think? Source : MT Media    

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