Android 2.2 Officially Available for HTC Droid Incredible

Finally we can put the HTC Droid Incredible receiving Froyo rumors to rest. Verizon’s official Support Twitter account confirmed that the HTC Droid Incredible will receive the long awaited Froyo update starting August 27 (today). Here is the exact tweet from VZWSupport on the matter:

@TheMichaelBK The Incredible update starts on 8/27/2010. *CH

Interestingly, recent rumors have suggested Verizon would roll out Android 2.2 to Droid Incredible devices starting today, but such rumors were only backed by leaked internal documents and nothing substantial. Fortunately HTC Droid Incredible owners should be getting the real thing shortly and won’t have to be endlessly teased by rumors. Roll outs typically take at least a week to complete, so hang tight if you do not receive the Android 2.2 update today. Feel free to let us know in the comments how you’re enjoying 720p video recording, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, 3G Mobile Hotspot, and the other Froyo features on your Droid Incredible.

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