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Android 5.0 Key Lime: What We Want to See

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android 5.0 key lime what we want to see

Android 5.0 Key Lime

Google loves to wait until the last possible minute to let us know what we’re getting with a new Android Operating System, the Search Engine Giant does love their secrets; Android 5.0 Key Lime is no different. Expectations are that in the upcoming Google I/O Conference (May 15 – May 17) we will learn more about the highly anticipated new Android Operating System named for a very tasty dessert. So we all will need to wait another month to find out what Key Lime will actually feature, but there is a list of things that we’d like to see in the new Android.

One of the first features that many are looking forward to seeing in Android 5.0 Key Lime is a better, more full version of Google Now. Google Now is available now but it is lacking in many aspects, the hope is that it will be more complete with Key Lime. For those that might not know Google Now is an application that will tell you everything about anything you need to know throughout the day. A good example is that Google Now can tell you what time to leave your home in order to arrive to the airport on time as well as give you accurate weather updates about where you’re going to and where you came from.

Also with Android 5.0 point out we should look to have improved notifications, notification actions, widgets, and lock screens. All of those features were greatly improved with Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich, even more so with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean so all of those features should expect to be cleaner and smoother.

Another feature that users would love to see in Android 5.0 Key Lime is some sort of back up feature, something to make transferring data from an old smartphone to a new one easier. Maybe link it to Google Drive; Google+ is already doing that to a point.

We should, and want to see some improvements for Google Keep and Babel which seem great now but are definitely missing some of the more useful features for your average smartphone user.

Finally, one thing I think every Android smartphone user would like to see with Android 5.0 Key Lime is a much improved battery life. Given it has gotten better in the last few new Android OS’s but power management needs to be something that needs a bit more focus.

Source – Android Community