Android Authority On Air – Episode 65 – The HTC One Stock Android ‘Senseless’ Rumor Is True

Android Authority on Air

This week on Android Authority On Air we covered the latest and great Android ecosystem rumors to hit the web since Google IO last week. Will we see Android 4.3 announced and a few new devices come June 10th? We’re not sure but, a white Nexus 4 has been spotted again and a new, Google branded media player pass through the FCC.

During IO13, a few Google apps were updated with the new “Holo Card” user interface and the new 3-dash menu indicator for slide out menus. Since IO, a handful of Google apps have been updated to reflect this new gorgeous design. So far we have Play Music, Magazines, Books, Shopping, Drive, YouTube, and Google Earth all reflecting these new design guidelines. Rumors point to a new Maps and new Gmail in the near future.

On the device front, the big news this week is a reported, imminent release of a completely stock HTC One. We don’t know the price, carriers, or availability; we only know it’s pretty damn awesome. The current Sense based HTC One has sold 5 million units thus far and its’ competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has sold 10 million. #IfIHadGlass contest winners have started to receive their purchase links this week. Another X-Phone variant passed through the FCC. If you’re still rockin’ last years Samsung Galaxy S3, current leaks will make you happy.

In breaking carrier news, Verizon announced a new partnership at CTIA 2013. It’s pretty dam exciting… The severe lack of news coming out of CTIA this year continues to prove that CTIA is a dying conference.

And last but not least for patents Apple seeks to add the Galaxy S4 and Google Now to their current Samsung lawsuit. Yeah, we laughed too.

As always, if you missed the show, you can watch or listen below. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

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