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Android Authority On Air – Episode 66 – The Moto X

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Android Authority on Air

This week on Android Authority On Air, we talked about one of the most important rumors to become official in a while, the Motorola X Phone. At All Things Digital, D11, Motorola officially announced the Moto X. The X is going to be a new direction for Motorola and we couldn’t be more excited. The Moto X phone will be the first smartphone fully assembled in the United States and be available sometime this summer.  Another major outing thanks to All Things Digital, the HTC One with a Nexus user experience. It will be available on the Play Store on June 26th and cost $600, which is $50 less than the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a similar Nexus user experience. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini also became official this week. It’s…not too exciting but, we talked about it anyways. To make fun of it. Last on the device news front this week is a rumored HTC 5.9″ device rockin’ a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Exciting.

On to Android app updates, Google really likes to use their new app roll out feature. This week Calendar received a hefty update and so did Google Music. If you’re a Google Apps user, you’re admins will be happy with Google’s new Google Admin app as well.

If you’re into rootin’ and ROMin’ you’ll be happy to know that CyanogenMod continues to  get even more stable with CM10.1 Release Candidate 3 and the AT&T SGS4 variant is now getting the nightly build treatment.

All this and more on Android Authority On Air.

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