Android Authority Weekly: June 2, 2013

white nexus 4

In the AA Weekly, we recap the most significant events that happened over the past seven days in our world of Android. We look at new devices, major news, leaks, and everything else you should know to stay on top of the sprawling Android ecosystem.

The fabled white Nexus 4

This one’s short –

The Galaxy Note 3 is looming

It won’t be the largest smartphone in Samsung’s stable, but the Galaxy Note 3 is definitely one of the most exciting devices of the year. That’s why we were all giddy when Korean media revealed that Samsung is planning to differentiate the Note 3 by souping up its camera with an optical stabilization system and other goodies.

Then, rumors emerged about the engine that is going to make the Note 3 rumble, which is apparently a mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Color us excited. However, the ETA for the Note 3 is still early September. Plenty of time for more leaks and rumors.


New Nexus: lost in translation

It looks that LG is trying to muddle the waters around the inevitable new Nexus (don’t call it Nexus 5, just yet). One of the company’s head honchos told the press that LG doesn’t need the marketing boost created by a new Nexus, which the whole world interpreted as “We don’t want to make the next Nexus”.


However, LG’s PR was quick to claim that something was lost in translation and that LG actually wants to make the new Nexus device, if only Google would bestow the honor on them.

The only sure thing, for now, is that tech companies will not hesitate to flat out lie about their plans. So we weren’t surprised to hear that Larry Page was already presented with an LG Nexus prototype. Oh, LG, how you play with us.

Finally, the X Phone is real

Motorola’s supposed upcoming super device, dubbed X Phone, has been rumored more than we care to remember. The gossip was so wild, that some in the Android community had even doubted its existence. We’re sure they were happy to be proven wrong by Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside on the stage of the D11 conference.

The Moto X is real and it’s coming sometime this summer. And unless Woodside was cruelly deceiving us, the phone (or phones) will be both amazing and amazingly cheap.

Motorola X Phone

Did we mention the password pills and the electronic tattoos? Yes, Motorola has a former DARPA boss working to make sci-fi a reality. We can’t wait to see more!

Galaxy S4 Mini – it’s like a slightly better Galaxy S2, but shinier

[quotenew qtext=”4.3-inch Super AMOLED – Snapdragon 400 1.7GHz – 1.5GB RAM – 8MP camera ” qposition=”left” qcolor=”color2″ qstyle1=”” qstyle2=”” qcap=”normal” qsize=”medium”]What’s exciting about this mini-me edition of the Galaxy S4? Well, not much. …read more

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