Android Based Smartphones help Sony to report first profits in 5 years!

android based smartphones   The well known tech giant Sony just announced the first profits for the last 5 years of activity, courtesy of its very lucrative Sony Mobile division, which manufactures Android based smartphones. This happened after the joint venture with Ericsson was dropped and Sony Mobile was folded entirely into the company. The fiscal report for the first quarter of 2013 shows an increase of 4.7% in Sony’s sales figures and this is excellent news for the Japanese, since in the same period of 2012 they reported $4.6 billion in loses. This year, the tide turned a little bit, Sony achieved an operating profit of only $345 million, but hey, let’s  not get greedy, these are good news indeed. The Android based mobile business soared in 2013 with an increase of 18% in sales revenues, especially since Sony dropped the feature phones manufacturing and focused on smartphones. Along with an increase in the number of units sold, smartphones are also more expensive and the profit margin per unit sold is significantly higher than the one from a “dumb” phone. android based smartphones Only in the first quarter of 2013, Sony Mobile’s profits exploded with an amazing 82% increase in revenue, to the tune of $3.6 million. Not only the mobile phone division of Sony is doing well, also the movie business is in the green reporting $509 million in profit, after the huge success in the box office with “The Amazing Spider-Man” and the James Bond movie “Skyfall”. Sony Music also scored big with $309 million in profit and the gaming division recorded a tiny $18 million in revenues, despite a massive drop of 12% in PlayStation sales. Sony looks very optimistic about the future, and it is also confident about its Sony Mobile division plans. They are expecting an increase in the sales figures for the 2013-2014 period, especially for their very successful Xperia range of  Android based smartphones, which rival Nokia’s Lumia line and also HTC and Samsung in the high end bracket. Source : BBC      

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