Crowdfunding has been a Hot Topic over the past several months with games like Double Fine Adventure breaking records only to have their record broken by 6 million bucks going towards Pebble’s E-Paper watch. Yup, you read that right 6 million dollars. I’ve been meaning a few of the crowdfunding sites and some of the games or Android related items in need of funding so today we’re going to start with a little game called “Not Without You” from the fine minds at Bad Pilcrow makers of Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare. Not Without You is a unique puzzler following two turquoise cryptids who move in unison. They cyptids have to work together to occupy all the escape hatches simultaneously in order to escape the lab of one Dr. F.W. Nervoso. If you played Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix & Her Nightmare you’ll know what kind of puzzle game Bad Pilcrow can put out, so I’m expecting something wild in Not Without You. Here are a few things we know about the game…

  • 27 Story Mode Levels
  • 18 Bonus Challenge Levels
  • Drag & Drop Level Editor
  • Dozens of Downloadable Levels

Not without you was featured at PAX East 2012 and made it into the Boston Indie Showcase. The team’s previous game was also very well received by gamers for its unique style of gameplay and won Best Design in the 20120 Independent Game Developers Competition. They already have a finished version of the game (unreleased) for Windows Phone 7 & Xbox LIVE, but funding is needed for the Unity license as well as marketing and promotion.

Bad Pilcrow is asking for funding on Indiegogo, and is giving thanks for your contributions through 7 different levels of rewards. Depending on your level of your contribution you can get beta access, buttons, signed Giclée Prints, art bundles, and the chance to name some of the games achievements or actual hidden levels. The whole hidden level thing is pretty cool as they’ll let you name a level, and tell you where to find it as they are being kept TOP SECRET and only the dev’s know where they are within the game. Not Without You has managed to raise $1,012 dollars so far, but their goal is $2,300 and they’ve only got 7 days left. If you want to get in on the action and help a cool little Indie game get going, you can head on over to Indiegogo and make your donation today.

Not Without You on Indiegogo

Bad Pilcrow

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