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Android Dentistry with Monster Mouth DDS

by On

There aren’t too many people out there that enjoy a trip to the dentist, but there is a new Android game that can make the Dentist seem a bit more fun. Monster Mouth DDS is a great new game from Breaktime Studios that has you playing dentist to a bunch of whacky monsters. While Monsters may be scary they want to keep those teeth clean and you’ll help them out in this fun little game. As you are a dentist for Monsters, you’re going to deal with some pretty big mouths and you’ll need to fix those teeth before those mouths shut. Each patient will have a different set of problems and you can fix them in a variety of ways; you just need   to get it done before time runs out and without causing too much pain. You can X-Ray the patient to find cracks and use bombe to take open up those cracked teeth. A simple cleaning is easy as you’ll just rub the teeth, but cavities can be tricky so you’ll have to use tongs on those nasty little buggers. Monster Mouth DDS is a fun game that’s really great for kids with its vibrant graphics and quirky monster mouths. The artwork is what initially made me want to check out the game, as it’s very Ren & Stimpy-ish which is never a bad thing. Overall, it’s a nice time-killer that kids will love, and adults will get a kick out of as well. You can pick up Monster Mouth DDS for $0.99 in the Android & Amazon markets. Android Market Amazon Market